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Where Should You Be Partying?

Where Should You Be Partying?

If You're Gonna Go Out, You Might As Well Do It In The Right Spot.

By Central Track Staff on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Settling into routines is just human nature. It's why we tend to go to the same bars, hit up the same restaurants and hang with the same people over and over and over again.

So here's the question: How do you know that the routines you've settled into is the right one for you?

Well, here's one way: Take the below quiz, which is aimed to help you find the neighborhood in Dallas best suited for you and your partying ways. Maybe it'll make you think twice about your plans for tonight -- or maybe tomorrow night.

Who knows?

Only one way to find out. Scroll down and hit the "Let's Play" button to get started.