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Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall.

Five Unintimidating Eye Makeup Trends For The Fall.

By Brittany on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 4:53 PM

Fall might not yet technically be here (we wish), but in the fashion world, it already is, as designers have already tossed out their summer fashion lines and turned their eyes toward the next season.

Yes, we know this whole thing sounds nuts, especially considering how hot it is outside. But it's just the way things work in this world!

But don't freak out! Just take a deep breath and calm down.

We are, after all, here to help.

Well, no, not on the clothes front. Not yet anyway.

Listen, we're not crazy. Far as we're concerned, it very much still is summer around these parts.

But we can still help you prepare for fall -- and definitely on the makeup front.

So, to that end, we found five of the more user-friendly and least intimidating eye trends set to pop this fall and we tried them out for you.

Don't everyone reach for your brush set at once!

Although it may seem like a lot of makeup to be wearing, so long as you slap on the color and leave the rest of the face neutral, you can really change your look in a beautiful way! Best color bets for fall: Oranges and yellows.

To achieve this glamorous look, you'll need your base color and a gloss (MAC has a great one). Brown is a huge eye color for fall, so we layered on a brown shadow base and dabbed gloss all over the lid to create this look.

Taking cues from the Chanel Fall 2012 show, a new way to liven up your smokey eye is to go gray! It's such a more elegant way to do your evening looks. Plus, you're guaranteed to not look like a Kardashian.

Full brows are back. Channel your inner Brooke Shields and work that brow liner! It's a statement look that will definitely put you a brow above the rest.

A color liner is a fresh new way to enhance that eye. Blues, greens and even whites can really change up your look. Gel liners are great to try this with -- as long as you have a steady hand!

Photographer: Jonathan Zizzo.
Hair and Makeup: Lorene Herrera.

Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall.