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The Motion of the Ocean.

The Motion of the Ocean.

Hazy Memories of Our Sunday Night Bash? This Video Should Help.

By Pete on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 12:31 PM

After Sunday night's debauchery, we're not afraid to admit that we're mostly still in recovery mode here at Central Track HQ. Can you blame us? Hopefully not.

I mean, if you weren't there, then surely you saw the pictures, right? Hell, we've already posted a couple batches of them -- one from Will Von Bolton of the overall scene and another strictly costume-focused one from Heather Abbott.

Need more still? OK, no problem. Here's friend of the program Daniel Driensky's take.

Moving pictures more your thing? We've got that covered, too. Our new friend Pablo Herrera of Ufilmhouse Media was on hand at the event, too, shooting away. And, hey, we've gotta say, as we watch his edited package, which you can watch below for yourself, it really just puts everything quite nicely back into focus.

We already kind of miss Sunday night, if we're being honest. Guess we'll have to do it again sometime, yeah?