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Come Sail Away.

Come Sail Away.

Join Us As We Celebrate Our Six-Month Anniversary on Sunday, August 12, at Dada.

By Pete on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Listen up, everyone. This is important.

We're about to turn six months old.

Crazy, huh? I know! We can hardly believe it ourselves! But that doesn't mean we're gonna pretend it's not happening. Not at all. In fact, we're going to do the complete opposite of that.

We're gonna shout it out to the world and throw it around in everyone's faces.

Here's how: On Sunday, August 12, we're throwing a massive -- and totally free, duh -- yacht rock-themed party at Dada.

Why yacht rock? Well, for a couple of reasons.

1.) Yacht rock is awesome.

2.) Hall & Oates, maybe the greatest yacht rock band of all, is coming to the Allen Event Center on Monday, September 10, which is amazing news. Also, the venue tells us that there are only a couple hundred tickets left, which is kind of frightening news if you've yet to buy your tickets.

3.) We've got a couple of tickets to that Hall & Oates show to give away to the people who show up to our party in the awesomest yacht rock attire, so maybe you won't need to buy any tickets anyway.

4.) Local Hall & Oates tribute act The Rich Girls have agreed to play our party and warm our hearts with their blue-eyed rock 'n' soul mimicry.

5.) We're most likely going to have a blow-up kiddie pool out on the back patio of the venue, and that's kind of as close to yacht-related as Dallas gets.

But wait! There's more!

The party will also feature performances from the area ne'er-do-wells in Sealion and the fresh-off-the-Warped-Tour Larry g(EE).

Also? Big J, one of Dallas' best DJs, will be on hand, setting things off before sets, between sets, after sets and all over the place, really.

We'll probably have some more things at the party, too. We have 10 days to figure that out. We're just super stoked on the fact that it's happening, and we wanted to let you know. Plus, we wanted to give you 10 days to clear your schedule. Because, really, you're going to want to be at this party.

To summarize: Beautiful people in yacht rock attire, The Rich Girls, a Hall & Oates ticket giveaway, Larry g(ee), Sealion and Big J -- and all of it is free to attend, too.

RSVP here.

We'll see you there.