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Holding Pattern.

Holding Pattern.

Who Says Color and Pattern Can't Combine For a Moving Look?

By Brittany on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 3:37 PM

Some people are afraid of color. Some are afraid of pattern.

Suggest to either of these people that they try pairing the two together and the looks on their face might have you worried that the world is ending.

Truth is, pattern and color can work incredibly well together when paired properly. And we've put together a visual display to prove it.

Many thanks to our friends at Elements Boutique for sharing with us some great patterned pieces, to the wonderful people at Grange Hall for providing us with some fabulous jewelry, and, last but certainly not least, to the crazy talents of photographer Mindy Byrd for masterminding this shoot of both literally and figuratively moving images.

Holding Pattern.

Look One. Clover Canyon top (Elements, $118), Sachin+Babi "Sage Top" (Elements, $219), Hoss "Long Printed Halter Dress" (Elements, $341), Clover Canyon "Drawstring Long Dress" (Elements, $306), vintage ring (stylist's own).

Holding Pattern.

Look Two. Clover Canyon top (Elements $118), Sachin+Babi "Sage Top" (Elements, $219), Nessa "Eternal Bliss" diamond earring (Grange Hall, $1120).

Holding Pattern.

Look Three. Show Me Your Mumu "Kirsten Maxi Nani Dress" (Elements, $158), Clover Canyon "Printed Sheer Cardi" (Elements, $290), Blank London "Nisha Dress" (Elements, $268), Diane Cotton 1930s Eisenberg original with vintage brass necklace (Grange Hall, $480).

Holding Pattern.
Look Four. Clover Canyon "Printed Sheer Cardi" (Elements, $290), Tucker "Spring Storm Long Tunic" (Elements, $330), Clover Canyon "Drawstring Long Dress" (Elements, $306), Diane Cotton 1920s Czech jeweled necklace worn on head (Grange Hall, $240).

Holding Pattern.

Look Five. Hoss "Long Printed Halter Dress" (Elements, $341), Twefth Street by Cynthia Vincent "Embroidered Caftan" (Elements, $306), Diane Cotton Antique Japanese trim pearls (Grange Hall, $480).

Photographer: Mindy Byrd
Stylist: Brittany Winter
Hair, Makeup and Turban Extraordinaire: Shane Monden
Model: Camille Nicole
Special Thanks: Paul Morgan, Jennifer Dunn and Cara Crossley.