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Hey, Girl.

Hey, Girl.

You'd Look Really Good In One Of These Vintage Swimsuits.

By Brittany on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 4:22 PM

Throw out your string bikini. This summer, it's all about the vintage swimsuits. And for good reason, too. Class never goes out of style.

So, with that in mind, we snagged some suits from our friends at Dolly Python and Gratitude Vintage and we off to spend some quality time at the second-oldest pool in the city. (Really!)

And now we present to you the fruits of those labors -- our summer swimsuit lookbook, featuring vintage-inspired cuts and straight-up old-school suits. As always, check the photo captions for retailer and pricing details.

Then go make all the heads turn at your pool of choice.

Red 1950s swimsuit, Dolly Python: .

Floral orange and green 1950s swimsuit, Gratitude Vintage: . Prada tri-tone retro sunglasses, Nei

Navy white dot swimsuit, Gratitude Vintage: .

Black vintage swimsuit, Dolly Python: . Cover-up, stylist

Black and white floral 1950s suit, Dolly Python: . 1950s red white swim-cap, Gratitude Vintage: $

1960s hot pink swimsuit, Dolly Python: .

1970s purple and blue print swimsuit, Dolly Python: . 1940s blue straw hat, Dolly Python: .

1960s blue and green floral, Dolly Python: . Sunglasses, stylist

Orange floral 1960s swimsuit, Dolly Python: . Wide-brimmed 1930s black hat, Dolly Python: .

1950s retro pinup black suit, Dolly Python: .

Photographer: Steven Visneau.
Model: Meredith Fowler at Kim Dawson Agency.
HMU: Shane Monden.
Stylist: Brittany Winter.
Assistants: Olivia June Preuss and Melanie Shafranek.
Special shout-out: A huge thanks to Lily Smith-Kirkley and Kim Cadmus Owens for letting us use their house and badass pool!