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For The Record.

For The Record.

Check Out Good Records' Lineup For This Year's Record Store Day Party.

By Cory on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM

In 2008, the roughly 700 independent record stores in the country began recognizing the third Saturday in April as something of a national holiday. Dubbed Record Store Day, the event not only drew attention back to independent retailers, but to indie artists and niche formats such as vinyl.

The ploy's worked well: In 2008, over 1.9 million vinyl records were sold -- the most by far in over a decade -- and those numbers have since only continued to rise.

Now in its fifth year, Record Store Day has grown into an internationally celebrated event, one marked by loads of bands releasing special collector's edition Record Store Day releases and just about every record store in existence hosting top notch instore performances.

For instance? Doc's in Fort Worth and Recycled Books in Denton are each hosting pretty stellar in-store lineups on Saturday, April 21, this year.

But the celebration that always takes the cake in this region is the one that goes down at Good Records in Dallas. This year should be no different as Good Records just released the official in-store lineup for their fifth annual Record Store Day celebration -- a lineup, it should be noted, that's slightly varied than the one that had been posted on their Facebook page for the past few days.

One notable addition: British dance-punk duo The Ting Tings who, along with Switchfoot and Civil Twilight, represent national acts in town to play Edgefest the following day.

Other regional and nationally-known entities on this year's bill include Chicago singer-songwriter Joe Pug, Chicago jam band Umphrey's McGee, Austin hard-rockers Glorium, New York singer-songwriter Diego Garcia and Oklahoma pysch-rock outfit Stardeath & White Dwarves. The locals on the bill include Fort Worth dance-pysch outfit Skeleton Coast, singer-songwriter James Earl Alford, electronic act Zhora, nu-jazz outfit Yells at Eels, indie-punks Sealion and southern rockers Quaker City Night Hawks.

Somewhat surprisingly, Good Records co-owner Tim DeLaughter's Preteen Zenith project isn't the bill, despite plans to release a limited edition run of of their upcoming full-length debut Rubble Guts & BB Eye on Record Store Day, just about a month before that album's official release date.

Full confirmed Good Records lineup for Record Store Day:
10:30 a.m.: James Earl Alford
11 a.m.: Skeleton Coast
12 p.m.: Diego Garcia
1 p.m.: Joe Pug
2 p.m.: Umphrey's McGee
3 p.m.: Ting Tings
4 p.m.: Civil Twilight
5 p.m.: Switchfoot
6 p.m.: Zhora
7 p.m.: Glorium
8 p.m.: Yells At Eels
9 p.m.: Sealion
10p.m.: The Quaker City Night Hawks
11 p.m.: Stardeath & White Dwarfs