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The Refused.

The Refused.

Bands Rejected From 35 Denton Organize A Festival Of Their Own.

By Cory on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 12:55 PM

When the final 35 Denton lineup was revealed last month, two things immediately stood out:

1) The Jesus and Mary Chain is perhaps the biggest headliner the festival has scored in its four-year history.

2) A bunch of local acts were noticeably absent from the bill.

But instead of getting bitter about it or resorting to simply bitching about how unfair the 35D admission process may be to bands like his, Richard Haskins, frontman of Denton punk band and festival rejects The Wee-Beasties, decided to do something about it. Almost immediately after receiving his rejection notice from 35 Denton organizers, Haskins began started his grassroots effort to support local acts he felt were deserving of playing 35D.

His solution? 35 des Refuses, a free-to-attend event taking place on Saturday, March 10, at A Creative Art Studio on West Oak Street, just doors down from official 35 Denton venue Banter.

His offering will feature 28 bands, all of one of which will not be playing 35 Denton, the lone exception being Fab Deuce, who were added to the festival after already joining the des Refuses bill. Already, Haskins says, there has been a lot of support for the free show from bands and 35 Denton organizers alike, with Haskins and company vehemently emphasizing that their showcase is in no way intended to be an anti-festival or a competing event.

"We said we were planning on doing this, and everyone agreed it was a good idea," Haskins says. "Word must travel fast. I think we had well over 100 emails from people wanting to play within the first day. People from everywhere."

The other glaring difference between the two events: 35 des Refuses will be a free event, a fact about which Haskins is very adamant.

"[It's important] to the point of being in the hole monetarily just putting it on," he says. "If we had the cash to do all four days, we would. There are enough bands to fill that up."

Local polka heroes Brave Combo and the aforementioned Wee-Beasties cap off a lineup that runs the gamut of genres from all over Denton's musical landscape.

Full 35 des Refuses lineup:
Brave Combo
The Wee-Beasties
Fab Deuce
Rude King
Juicy the Emissary
Muenster MC
Band Nerds
Street Hop
Lovesick Mary
Dang ol' Dixon

Lorena Swan
Whiskey Tongue Burlesque
County Rexford
Polly Maynard
Robert Hokamp's Monsters of Jazz
Dub Comission
Frank Twitchy
Wild Bill

Image courtesy of Ed Steele Photography.