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Good Things Are In Store

Good Things Are In Store

Announcing Good Records' Latest Batch of Instore Performers

By Cory on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 12:25 PM

It was recently pointed out to us that Good Records just might be the second best stage on Greenville Avenue to catch a show. It sounded kind of preposterous to think that dropping a P.A. into a record shop would somehow make it a more prime spot to catch a show than, say, the countless bars up the street. But, the more we thought about it, the less we were inclined to disagree. And it's not just the free admission or the (sometimes) free booze that Good offers up at their in-stores that help substantiate the claim in our minds; other than the Granada, there is no place on that street where we've seen more shows. For some time now, local artists have known that Good Record's artificial grass-covered stage is the perfect spot to celebrate the release of a new album. But, more and more, Good's "Live From the Astoturf" series is attracting quality touring acts as well.

Last week, the store announced a whole slew of new in-store performances -- perhaps most notably one from Grimes, who will be doing an early show this Thursday before performing at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton that night. That news is doubly good for Dallas Grimes fans who can catch the witch-house queen without having to cross the dreaded I-635 threshold.

Full list of upcoming performances:
(3.1) Grimes (4:00PM)
(3.1) Nervous Curtains (CD Release) & Diamond Age (8:00PM)
(3.3) Central Track Presents: Doug Burr & Gold Beach (7" Releases)
(3.4) Other Lives
(3.11) Mittenfields
(3.13) Good Old War
(4.21) Record Store Day
(4.22) Salim Nourallah (CD-Release)
(4.26) Nicholas Altobelli, Jessie Frye, Bravo, Max!
(5.19) Gustafer Yellowgold