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High Time.

High Time.

Download The Debut, Weed Dealer-Immortalizing Single From New Dallas Band The Misteries.

By Pete on Friday, April 18, 2014 at 2:24 PM

A couple weeks back, during the second night of the Prophet Bar's annual Big Folkin' Festival, unknowing attendees at the affair might've been perhaps a little surprised to see a band that had never before even played a live show score a prime, 8 p.m. timeslot in the fest's two-day run.

A little history, though, and it all made sense: Comprised of drummer McKenzie Smith (Midlake, Sarah Jaffe, and St. Vincent), area production extraordinaire Beau Bedford (The Roomsounds, Larry gEE, and Dovetail) and a handful of members from the long-bubbling-up Texas Gentlemen crew, this group called The Misteries boasted more than enough talent to merit the placement. And, turns out, the band also boasted the chops: Highlighting the paired songwriting efforts of its joint frontmen Matt and Dan Mistery (Matt McDonald and Daniel Creamer, respectively), The Misteries wowed at that showcase, flashing a rousing brand of Woodstock-tinged neo-psychedelia in the process.

And the standout cut from the band's initial live go? It was, rather undoubtedly, a fairly goofy but undeniably charming and catchy little ditty called "Green Man," which tells of interactions with a kinda sketchy -- but, ultimately, rather helpful -- drug dealer.

The song, without a doubt, will appear on the debut Misteries release whenever that album finally makes finds it way out. And, surely, it'll be a highlight on that eventual disc, too.

No need to wait for that day, though: Today, and in preparation of this weekend's marijuana-glorifying not-quite-holiday of 4/20, the Misteries have been kind enough to pass the track along as an exclusive download for Central Track readers. A little taste of the goods, if you will.

So give it a listen. Give it a download, too. Then blare it as you blaze this Sunday.

Oh, and this is unconfirmed, but if you have the capabilities, I hear that if you print this song up on vinyl and play it backwards, it says "Just legalize it already, man." Also: "If you cough, you get stoned-er."