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In Our Thoughts.

Dallas Distortion Music's Matthew Vickers Is In A Coma After Crashing His Car Late Monday Night

By Pete on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Late on Monday night, North Texas concert promoter and part-time label owner Matthew Vickers of Dallas Distortion Music was seriously injured in an automobile accident -- one that saw him ejected from his car, which flipped along the road before eventually landing Vickers' body.

This afternoon, Vickers is in a medically induced coma in a Fort Worth hospital as doctors treat serious injuries sustained to his skull, his pelvis and his ribs.

"It's rather fucked up," says Vickers' Dallas Distortion Music cohort Evan Henry, who relays the above information.

Vickers was driving, we know that. But any further details are scant at this point. There's no word yet on if anyone else was injured in the crash.

The good news?

"Matt will be OK in time," Henry says.

Vickers' prognosis, according to Henry, is decent. Doctors say Vickers will come out of this, but that his recovery will require a lengthy rehabilitation process.

"What I need from everyone," Henry says, "is to be positive. Think it. Feel it. Believe it. To treat your body like you care about what you're doing."

In the meantime, Henry says he and his friends behind Dallas Distortion Music's likeminded Fort Worth-based music entities Lo-Life Recordings and Dreamy Soundz are currently putting together a benefit show to help Vickers cover his medical expenses.

Money aside, word of that show is surely news that Vickers himself would appreciate, as anyone who's ever met the music obsessive very well knows.

As details on that event are confirmed, we'll update this post.