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Product Placement.

Product Placement.

Here's Fort Worth Rapper Snow Tha Product's Game Of Thrones Rap.

By Pete on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 4:09 PM

Game of Thrones is an amazing show on HBO that returns to the air on April 6.

Can't wait.

Catch The Throne is a bad riff on the title of the collaborative Jay-Z and Kanye West LP from 2011 (whoa, that long ago, huh?), and also the name of a new mixtape that HBO has released to celebrate the arrival of Game of Thrones' fourth season.


Among the rappers featured on the mixtape are Big Boi, Common, Wale and Daddy Yankee. Also? Fort Worth's own Snow Tha Product.

Anyway, the whole thing's a largely blase affair, save for Wale's nice use of the GoT theme song as the beat for his mixtape-closing "King Slayer" effort.

But Snow's track is among the better efforts on the disc, as her Khaleesi-themed "Fire" track features a whole lot of the kind of strong female perspective we've come to expect from the rapper.

Check it out:

Wanna hear more thoughts on the mixtape? Head on over and check out our close personal friend Rembert Browne's take on it over on Grantland. (Spoiler: He's at least got a sense of humor about the whole thing.)