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Cool Lineup, Bro.

Cool Lineup, Bro.

Brofest Expands To Two Venues With Its Biggest Lineup Yet.

By Cory on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Much has changed in town the past four years: The Texas Rangers have gone from perennial laughing stock to back-to-back AL West champs; Deep Ellum is once again becomming something of a destination; and the once-fledgling South by South Flesh festival has transitioned from a 12-band post-SXSW day show in the cramped quarters of the Lounge on Elm St (R.I.P.) into a 20-plus band, all-day event called BroFest and featuring of the most buzzworthy acts on their ways home from Austin.

For this year's third incarnation of the somewhat awkwardly-named fest, that trend of growth continues as Parade of Flesh's John Iskander has expanded the event onto three stages, for the first time incorporating a second venue into the mix. Aside from the indoor and outdoor stages of Dada, a third stage featuring some of the previously announced 22 bands and some yet-to-be announced locals will be added this year at nearby venue La Grange.

Good thing, too. In the early days of SXSW's history, that festivals intentions were much nobler, creating a conference focused on discovering new talent and attended by roughly 700 registrants. It has since grown into a the behemoth it is today, where 2,000 bands will appear on over 90 stages before over 12,000 registrants. (Keep in mind, these figures only account for artists with official showcases and attendees who opt to shell out the tremendous amount of cash required for official wristbands in lieu of simply attending any of the hundreds of free parties.) In short, it has become just as much a place to be seen than it is about discovering music. But what Iskander does with the BroFest lineup each year is handpick the types of up-and-coming talent label that execs would have discovered in early '90s incarnations of the festival, and put them all in one convenient location.

And, in the case of BroFest, buying a wristband actually guarantees you entrance to the show. What a novel concept!

As of now, the lineup includes All Pigs Must Die, And So I Watch You From Afar, Balaclava, Bass Drum of Death, The Coathangers, Code Orange Kids, Coliseum, Crystal Antlers, Crocodiles, Full of Hell, Gauntlet Hair, The Growlers, Hospitality, Maps & Atlases, The Men, Narrows, Netherfriends, Off!, Prince Rama, Sleepy Sun, Titus Andronicus, and White Mystery, with the local stage bands being announced in the coming days.