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Inked In.

Inked In.

Check Out The Lineup For Oliver Peck's Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival.

By Pete on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 9:00 AM

A couple weeks back, internationally renowned Dallas tattoo artist Oliver Peck spilled the beans to us: Starting on September 13, Peck's Elm Street Tattoo parlor will throw a massive three-day/four-night tattoo, music, motorcycle and skateboarding convention along Elm Street to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the shop's legendary marathon "13" tattoo sessions.

Tattoo artists from across the country will come to town to take part in this year's marathon session in a pop-up tattoo parlor inside of the Prophet Bar, then stick around through the weekend for a full-blown tattoo convention. Bands, meanwhile, will perform on stages in Deep Ellum venues Wit's End, Trees and Peck's own Three Links space.

The tattoo artist lineup has been known for some time now. The music lineup on the other hand? Not so much. Until now, as Peck and his team have released the full schedule of concerts for the weekend.

Highlights include two sets from Colorado alt-country icons Drag The River, a solo show from MxPx frontman Mike Herrera, a reunion from onetime Deep Ellum mainstays Loco Gringos, a Saturday night headlining offering from North Texas pop-punk stalwarts Bowling For Soup and a performance from the festival-sponsoring Reverend Horton Heat. Local favorites on the bill include Ishi, Missile, Maleveller, J. Charles & The Trainrobbers and The House Harkonnen.

It should be noted, too, that a Thursday night-closing slot and two Sunday evening slots remain TBA -- not because they're not booked, festival organizers assure us, but because other deals are getting int he way of their announcement.

You can check out the lineup as revealed so far below. Interested in attending? Head here to purchase tickets, which range from $20 for single-day passes and $100 for weekend-long VIP access.


Wednesday, September 11.
Three Links (Wig Party).
12 am. Josh & Oliver Karaoke
10 p.m. Thin White Dukes

Thursday, September 12.
Three Links.
12 a.m. TBA
11 p.m. The American Fuse
10 p.m. Mothership
9 p.m. Hanna Barbarians
8 p.m. Restvraunt

Friday, September 13.
11 p.m.Reverend Horton Heat
10 p.m. Gorehounds
9 p.m. Drag the River
8 p.m. Holy Moly
7 p.m. Broken Gold

Three Links.
12 a.m. Ishi
11 p.m. Plissken
10 p.m. Party Police
9 p.m. The Draculas
6 p.m. Punk Rock Karaoke

Wits End.
12 a.m. Damage Case
11 p.m. The House Harkonnen
10 p.m. Maleveller
9 p.m. Venomous Maximus
8 p.m. Silver Loves Mercury
7 p.m. Solomon

Saturday, September 14.
11 p.m. Bowling For Soup
10 p.m. Missle
9 p.m. Phantom Rockers
8 p.m. The Re-mo's
7 p.m. Black Habits

Three Links.
12 a.m. King Bucks
11 p.m. Dead Flowers
10 p.m. Sleepin Rattlers
9 p.m. Mo Robson

Wits End.
12 a.m. Dallas Uber Alles
11 p.m. Locos Gringos
10 p.m. The Phuss
9 p.m. Restvraunt
8 p.m. Sweatloaf

Sunday, September 15.
Three Links.
12 a.m. Reverend Horton Heat
11 p.m. Drag the River
10 p.m. Mike Herrera
9 p.m. TBA

Wits End.
11 p.m. TBA
10 p.m. J Charles & the Train Robbers
9 p.m. Restvraunt

Inked In.