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North Texas' Own

This Week In Free Local Music Downloads: Daniel Markham

By Cory on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Daniel Markham -- Hexagons

Last summer, Daniel Markham put his Lubbock-based fuzz-pop outfit One Wolf on hold as he relocated to Denton and began playing bass in Charlie Shafter's backing band.

But the former frontman hasn't fully relegated himself to the dim shadows just beyond the spotlights of the singers he now backs. Nor has he given up writing his unique, darkly-tinged pop tunes.

Last month, Markham put out his Hexagons EP for free download on BandCamp. Even for a musician with his toes in so many waters, Hexagons is a bit of a departure, incorporating eight-bit elements and his gloomiest material to date.

Per Markham, the material was largely inspired by the late Lubbock performer Marcus Chapa, who would perform under the name Kitten Glitter and often appear onstage with nothing but a modified Gameboy.

Take a listen.