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Everything Falls Into Place As Denton's Pageantry Readies Its Debut EP.

By Cory on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Pageantry wasn't supposed to make it this far.

The Denton-based trio was initially formed when, for a one-off show last summer, Roy Robertson borrowed Ramon Muzquiz and Pablo Burrull from Young & Brave's rhythm section to pull of some songs from his well-received Wonderness EP. Needless to say things went well. Better, even, than any of them initially expected.

So the band kept going, inevitably putting its own collective spin on Robertson's arrangements. Over time, the band, now a more egalitarian entity, added more aggressive, electrified touches and bigger drums to Robertson's folk-based work, winding up in markedly more avant garde, keenly-layered indie-rock territory.

More recently, the band has been phasing out Robertson's Wonderness tunes in favor of selections from their upcoming EP. That album's first single, "Friends of the Year," began streaming on Pageantry's BandCamp page yesterday.

For all the music's added richness, Robertson's quavering falsetto, which maintains its familiar elegant dance above the band's newfound instrumental density, ties the track together rather well.

Even the dramatic shift in meter midway through the song isn't be too much of a departure from fans of earlier Robertson tunes, such as "Icing" or "In Your Way."

Pageantry perform Thursday, October 11, at Dan's Silverleaf with Eyes Lips Eyes and Sophomore.