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Data Base.

Data Base.

Datahowler's Got A New Album and He Needs Your Help.

By Pete on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 4:43 PM

it's no secret: We're pretty big into Datahowler around here. Why wouldn't we be? The guy's got his hands in all sorts of cool and interesting things.

But maybe best of all about the man born Ross Edman and his offerings? He shares all of his art (visual and sonic alike) with a sort of quirky charm that makes his efforts all the more enjoyable.

A perfect example of this charm? The constantly magic-referencing video he's released today to announce his next album release -- called The Crystal Gazers -- and its accompanying Kickstarter campaign. If you head over to that Kickstarter page, you can hear a mixed teaser track that incorporates elements from a few of the songs that will appear on the new release.

It's a pretty amazing mish-mash of sounds, so we recommend you go check that out. We also recommend you check out the aforementioned video, which is also posted at the end of this article, if only to see that charm we mentioned earlier. Then, if you feel so inclined, maybe help him out with the $4,000 he's trying to raise to release the 10-inch vinyl version of this album? If you do so, you'll get all sorts of treats in return, including (but not limited to) magic crystals and tarot cards. Seems fair to us.