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What Happens When A Local Band Tries To Promote Its Show on Reddit?

By Pete on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 5:15 PM

Dead Mockingbirds are a local Dallas band with a show on Friday night at The Double Wide, where they'll be joined on the bill by The Roomsounds and a band called Werewolves.


To help get the word out about the show, one of the members of Dead Mockingbirds signed up for a Reddit account and created a post on the Reddit Dallas page, asking people to "come out and get drunk with" them at their show.

It was simple enough, fairly innocent stuff -- except that the Dallas Redditors kind of tore him to shreds over his promotional attempt.

But not because he highlighted drinking over the music. And not, even, because he was taking to the site to post show spam.

Instead, they slammed him for promoting a show where three local bands could be seen for five dollars, because, according to Reddit users (these are their stated opinions, not ours): five dollars is too much to pay to see three local bands; that money could be better spent seeing a cover band; and any band that's really "in it for the music" wouldn't charge a cover anyway.

At the moment, because of some back and forth between some arts supporters and those who feel that $5 is too much to pay for three hours of possible entertainment, it's the most popular post on the Dallas Reddit subpage.

The whole thing is pretty ugly. It might frustrate you and ruin your day. But it will certainly help give you an idea of the uphill battle local artists (musically inclined or not, Dallas-based or not) often face, just in case you weren't already aware.

And, for that reason, it's well worth checking out.

Image courtesy of Dead Mockingbirds' poster for tomorrow's show.