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14-Year-Old Dallas Hip-Hop Producer VohnBeatz Lends Two Beats to Latest Talib Kweli Mixtape.

By Pete on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 4:25 PM

When I was 14, I was emotionally preparing myself for being inevitably cut from my freshman high school soccer team. Javohn Griffin seems to be doing slightly better than I was. The 14-year-old hip-hop producer has not only formally entered his family business, but he's actually started to do quite well for himself. The son of local production guru Symbolyc One (who has produced for Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyonce, among others), Griffin, who himself has been producing beats under the name of VohnBeatz since he was at least 11 years old, has already earned himself a credit that it took his father years to earn.

Both VohnBeatz and Symbolyc One have earned production credits on Talib Kweli's just-released Attack The Block mixtape. The elder Griffin produced the "NY Shining" beat, whereas the younger produced the "Letter From The Government" beat that drops after the mixtape's intro. And, though it was initially marked as an S1 beat, it turns out VohnBeatz is also responsible for the "Numerology" track on Attack The Block as well. (Kweli himself apologetically copped to the misprint on Twitter yesterday.)

Seems Kweli, S1 and S1's local stable of producers are working together a lot these days. Local producer and S1 collaborator J. Rhodes also makes an appearance on Attack The Block as the man behind the mixtape's "Congregation" beat. Meanwhile, in late July, Kweli leaked another S1-produced track featuring Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y called "Push Thru." Not mentioned, but also appearing on that track? Local singer-songwriter Glen Reynolds, formerly of Chomsky, who sings the track's hook.

Check out the entire, Dallas-heavy Attack The Block tape -- and marvel at VohnBeatz's tracks in particular -- below.