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Just Chill.

Just Chill.

Before Hitting Tomorrow Night's Silent Disco, Check Out DJ Mikey Rodge's Latest Mix.

By Pete on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 3:59 PM

Mikey Rodge is a lot of things. But, first and foremost, he's just a really big music fan.

Ask him, and the hard-partying, forever present face in the area dance scene will readily admit as much. He'll credit his being a fan as the reason why he first started blogging on his Dance Your Face Off! domain back in 2008. Same goes for the reason why he started DJing shortly thereafter.

But he's fully thrown himself into both forays, and, these days, those efforts are starting to pay off.

"I've been Djing at Silent Disco events here in Dallas and in Austin," he told Central Track when we asked what he's been up to lately. "Last month, they hosted official afterparties at The Belmont [in Austin] for both Z-Trip and RJD2. I was lucky enough to have played at both shows."

And, this week, he'll perform at yet another Silent Disco, as the event, wherein dance music is pumped into the headphones of the attendees, rather than through a P.A. system, makes its way once more to the Green Elephant. (Get tickets to tomorrow night's party here.)

Rodge also this week released a new mix, one he's calling "The Stay Puft Marshmellow Mix."

It should give its listeners a pretty decent sense of what they can expect Rodge to spin tomorrow night.

"The reason I chose these songs is simply because this is the style of electronic music I have been exposed to the most over the last year or so," Rodge says. "It is very much influenced by the Pretty Lights Music movement and all of the producers on his label. When my friend SuperVision came back to Dallas, he played a show hosted by Banjos To Beats at Green Elephant with his labelmates Gramatik and Michal Menert, and I instantly was hooked. It exposed me to a more soulful style of bass music. Ever since then, I have been a regular at Banjos To Beats shows and similar events."

Listening to his mellow, downtempo, which Rodge has kindly passed along as a free download to Central Track readers, one would assume this DJ, too, is on the way to garnering his own regular fanbase.

Anyway, check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Especially at this hour, as it just might be the perfect soundtrack for crushing out the end of your workday.

Photo by Dustin Hollywood.