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Here's The Thing.

Here's The Thing.

Pepsi Commissions Kelly Clarkson For A New Dallas Cowboys Anthem.

By Pete on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 2:42 PM

Burleson's Own Kelly Clarkson is a known Dallas Cowboys fan, having proudly and publicly worn silver and blue during national anthem and halftime performances for the team -- and back when they still called Irving home, even.

So, no, it's not very surprising to hear that the inaugural American Idol victor is the voice behind the new Dallas Cowboys "anthem" that's now making its way around the Internet today.

Called "Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)," the song is one of four planned releases Pepsi and the NFL are releasing this preseason to get fans hyped for the upcoming season, as if its return wasn't alone an exciting enough prospect for the ever-NFL-hungry public.

The other artists slated to release Pepsi-backed tracks in the coming weeks: Ice Cube (for the Oakland Raiders), Kid Rock (for the Detroit Lions) and Travie McCoy (for the New York Giants).

Clarkson's version is very Clarkson-like, indeed, which is to say it's unoffensive and radio-friendly and probably fine for the speakers at Cowboys Stadium. But, alas, it's no "Since U Been Gone."

But what song is, really?

No song, that's what. On the other hand, with this track's Cowboys-laden lyrics, its release is probably a more exciting development than the team's 3-0 landslide victory over the Raiders last night.

So, yeah, go ahead and grab Clarkson's latest non-"Since U Been Gone" track below for free-ninety-nine. And, uh, go Cowboys?