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Download This!

Download This!

Before Neon Indian, There Was Vega.

By Mikayla on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 1:32 PM

Welcome to Download This, our weekly collection of the hottest tunes from around the country and beyond. Though we promise to try to keep things fresh and varied, expect mainly indie rock, electro and as much nu-disco as possible in this space. In other words: If it's awesome, you'll find it here. Download the tracks, and, if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the individual artists' websites to, y'know, buy the rest of their work!

I know that not all playlists have to be themed. But isn't it just so much more fun when they are?

We like to think so. As such, we've got another themed playlist for you this week. Granted, the songs don't really complement each other in any specific way or anything rational like that.

Their titles just all start with the letter N.

Honestly, though? This was a total accident. I was most of the way through compiling this week's playlist when I noticed by happenstance that each of the tracks I'd chosen began with this glorious letter. So I just kind of rolled with it.

It kind of works, too. It's like Sesame Street for adults!

"Nunca" -- Trails and Ways
The song that started the "N" trend is a fun, airy little electronic tune, albeit one with a rather odd name.

"Nightdrive With You" -- Anoraak
Did you like Drive? The movie, I mean. Not the activity. If so, you'll like this song. It's got the same dreamy electronic feel boasted by that film's soundtrack, only it's from the master of the movement, Anoraak.

"No Reasons" -- Vega
You want to know what the greatest song in the world is? It's this one from a pre-Neon Indian Alan Palomo. Seriously, we miss Vega like crazy.

"No Death" -- Mirel Wagner
This song takes things down a couple notches -- or maybe a hundred. Yes, this song's acoustic guitar and haunting lyrics are kind of depressing. But in the best way possible.

"Nye Nummer Et" - Choir Of Young Believers
This second oddly named song is from Copenhagen's Choir of Young Believers, which leads me to believe that it probably means something in Danish. But the lyrics are in English. Weird. Anyway, it kind of sounds like a Fleet Foxes song.