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Capitol L

Capitol L

Liquor Up With Capitol Pub's Lindsay Hollman

By Susie on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Lindsay Holman is about as close as Dallas comes to a quintessential bartender. For starters, you can find her at a bunch of spots around town, filling in as needed. If you really need to find her, check in at her home base: Capitol Pub on Henderson Avenue. There, she'll keep you sufficiently lubricated and entertained --- both with fun anecdotes about the things seen from her perch behind the bar and with the different look she sports each time you see her.

Name: Lindsay Holman.

Nickname: Detroit.

Bartending since: 2002.

First gig: A bar/restaurant on Lake St. Clair back home in Detroit.

How were you trained (if you had formal training) and where?
I trained as a cocktail waitress at Jack's Waterfront, which was my first bar gig. A year later, I started bartending at a local dive bar near my hometown, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, where I was trained by someone who is now a lifelong friend.

How many bars have you bartended at?
At least nine, plus a lot of private events.

Where was the most interesting place you bartended?
The most interesting bar I've worked at would have to be a place called Bumpers on a canal in Michigan. It was crazy. People would pull their boats up right to the bar. Needless to say, it was a party. We wore bathing suits to work and, on our breaks, we would go on boat rides. The clientele was very eclectic.

What is your favorite drink to make?
Whatever you want, I will make it and it will be delish. Naturally.

What alcohol do you find underutilized in the Dallas bar scene?
I don't really think about alcohols that are underutilized. I work in pubs, so I would rather use things that are straightforward versus using a candied pomegranate or acai berry liqueur. I can appreciate the bartenders that are the cocktail type -- but it's just not my style. When people want me to make them shots or make them a drink, I pour what I would like to drink.

What are your thoughts on the Cosmopolitan?
It's essentially a vodka cranberry. If people want to pay $9 for one, though, I say go for it.

Dark, light, local, craft, or forget beer altogether?
I can appreciate all beer and will give it all try. I take pride in being able to suggest a good beer to someone.

What do you find most intriguing about the Dallas bar scene?
The most intriguing thing to me is the staff at the bars. A lot of the places I like to go to, the staff is very different from the clientele.

What is the most valuable bartending tip you've learned?
Breath. Oh, and Rumple Minze is an instant Xanex.

If you could share one thought with your customers, what would it be?
This could be my favorite question. I've got three answers!

1. I and every other bartender knows you are waiting for a drink if you are standing at the bar. Why else would you be standing there? Yelling and waving your hand, cash or credit card in my face will make you wait longer.

2. Being rude to anyone who is a customer or staff of the bar is an automatic out-the-door.

3. If you want to buy yourself, all your friends, and the table next you drinks, don't get mad when your tab is $250 and try and dispute it. Also, if you can't tip appropriately on a $250 tab, don't have one.