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Esteemed Dallas Barbecue Joint Pecan Lodge Is Moving To Deep Ellum.

By Pete on Friday, November 22, 2013 at 2:43 PM

It's been known for some time that Dallas' Pecan Lodge -- a spot well recognized for being among the best barbecue joints in the world, let alone just Texas or Dallas, and a place where eaters routinely and willingly wait hours in line before being served -- was looking to get out of its home-till-now at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

This morning, the news finally broke: In the near future, Pecan Lodge will be moving to Deep Ellum.

Central Track can now confirm the exact location of the new spot: Pecan Lodge will be moving into the vacant building located at 2702 Main Street, at the intersection of Main and Pryor streets.

The building, an empty shell for the most part, boasts no kitchen for the time being and most recently served as the home to a venue called Indigo, which, while in operation, had been described as "a club that feels like the minor leagues." The property is currently managed by 42 Real Estate, a group that purchased more than a dozen Deep Ellum properties in 2012 as part of a bid to revitalize the neighborhood.

The news is interesting on a few levels. For one, it means that Pecan Lodge isn't moving to another city in the area, as once seemed a possibility.

But also worth noting is the specific address into which Pecan Lodge will be moving. As the Deep Ellum neighborhood has embarked in its comeback attempt recent years and months, most developments have seemed to take place along Elm and Commerce streets, and not on Main. With Pecan Lodge now setting up shop on in the old Indigo spot -- and no doubt luring other interested buyers into that stretch of also-vacant properties alongside it in the near future -- Main Street seems finally to be getting its due.

Said Pecan Lodge's Diane Fourton, who co-own's the joint with her husband Justin, in a statement released to various media outlets announcing the Deep Ellum move this morning: "Deep Ellum offers a unique opportunity for us to accomplish our goals for Pecan Lodge while also being part of an exciting community revitalization project, [led] by Scott Rohrman of 42 Real Estate. We believe in Scott's vision for Deep Ellum and look forward to helping restore this amazing, historic neighborhood in Dallas."