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Reserving Judgment.

Reserving Judgment.

Smyth Blasts Patrons That Fail to Follow Through on Reservations.

By Pete on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Oak Cliff pub Ten Bells Tavern is getting a lot of attention today, both locally and nationally, for calling out the author behind the spot's lone one-star Yelp review for his bad behavior -- and probably deservedly so, even if said action from Ten Bells took place back in August.

But probably even more deserving of some attention today is Smyth, the high-end, reservation-only Uptown cocktail bar, which took its spite more than a few steps past Ten Bells' this past Saturday when it posted an update to its Facebook page that blasts -- by name -- the people who've skipped out on reservations at the popular spot.

Say what you will about a bar that only accepts patrons who call in advance and set up a reservation, but at least the place is standing by its model with this move. Check out Smyth's call-out in full below.

Smyth strives to make a personal cocktail for each person that walks through our doors. The reservation-only model is not in place to keep people out, but to preserve the experience of those with the consideration and appreciation to make reservations for that experience.

That being said, The Smyth Family would like to personally thank the people that care enough to make a reservation, (especially large groups) & then decide not show up (or even call) while other, more-appreciative patrons would have wanted the aforementioned experience we planned.

No Shows Listed By Reservation:
- Monica Dominguez - 9 ppl - 10:15
- Andrew Turner - 6 ppl - 10:30
- Ramin Jafari - 2 ppl - 11:30
- Alfredo Rodriguez - 4 ppl - 11:30
- Clark Gable (srsly) - 6 ppl - 12am
- Elia Torres - 3 ppl - 12am

Smyth would also like to thank the people who showed up 30-minutes-to-an-hour late and we tried to accommodate anyway. It's a reserved seat, not a guest list spot:
- Cyd Williams - 4 ppl - 8:45pm
- Katherine Fife - 3 ppl - 9pm
- Tyler Berger - 4ppl - 12am

We should not forget the 3 other parties that felt 15-30 minutes before a confirmed reservation is an acceptable time to cancel ( probably emergency situations all of them).

Smyth will also take this moment to apologize to everyone who has called us all week trying to get in this Friday night. And we mean this in sincerity. When you are fully booked a week and a half in advance, you wouldn't think people who plan that far ahead would necessitate us having a waiting list. We apologize and sincerely hope we can treat you soon, we just wish that it could have been tonight.

Cynicism still aside, thank you to those who make reservations, show up on time, stick to the number they reserved, confirm their table, don't prop the door open, understand when the next reservation arrives, bring new people in, forgive us when we come up short, and who appreciate that we are trying to do something different, special and unique here,

You get it. Smyth would not be here without you. This isn't for us. We are here to serve you and Smyth takes great pride in that service. So much so, that it is difficult to deal with people who don't respect that. You understand that we made the model we made to make sure that all of you have the best experience possible. Thank You.

Be Safe Tonight, Y'all. And Respect the Rezo.
- Smyth

Cover photo via Smyth's Facebook page