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Just The Tips.

Just The Tips.

Here's Your First Look At Redneck Heaven's New MTV Reality Show, Big Tips Texas.

By Cory on Monday, August 26, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Whether you regard area food chain Redneck Heaven's constant pushing of the scantily-clad envelope as the greatest thing to happen to the sexually-oriented dining industry since some shrewd frat boy business man first coined the term "breastaurant" or as some sort of hell-on-earth-stripper-training-academy-that-just-happens-to-sometimes-serve-food-too, one must admit: The area company has made a lot of headlines this summer.

Since we first broke the news that the Fort Worth location of the chain would be the focus of an upcoming MTV reality program, Redneck Heaven's Lewisville location prompted the city to redefine its official definition of "nudity," thereby bringing to an end the restaurant's popular "Anything But Clothes" nights. Not long after, the City of Fort Worth began the process of changing a city ordinance to redefine the term as well.

Still, Redneck Heaven's biggest moment in the sun still awaits and, during last night's MTV Video Music Awards, we got our first look at what's in-store for the first season of the show, which is now being called Big Tips Texas. The show, once known under its working title of South of Heavem, is set to debut later this fall, and, fittingly enough, it debuted during an awards ceremony that featured Lady Gaga's ass, Miley Cyrus feigning intercourse with a referee Robin Thicke and constant disapproval from Will Smith and his family.

Wonder no more whether or not Big Tips will play into the whole Texas stereotype thing, either: In the 30-second teaser clip, which you can watch below, we already see a dozen pair of cowboy boots, some gun play, one girl yelling "Yeehaw!" and another begging for somebody to butter her ass and call her a biscuit.

Cover photo via Redneck Heaven's Facebook profile.