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A New Leaf?

A New Leaf?

You Can Now Buy Marijuana-Flavored Energy Drinks All Across Dallas.

By Zoe Mattioli on Friday, July 26, 2013 at 4:52 PM

You may have noticed a little weed sprouting up in various convenience stores across North Texas of late.

No, not the kind you smoke. Rather, it's a liquid counterpart -- in the form of an energy drink.

Wait, what?

That's right: Cannabis Energy Drink is a real thing, and it's now available for purchase to heighten your mood, but probably not in the way you'd prefer.

See, the energy drink, which comes from -- where else? -- Amsterdam, does not actually contain any THC whatsoever. Rather, it gets it name from its not-so-secret ingredient of hemp seed extract. Other than that, it's just a regular energy drink composed of caffeine, taurine and sugar.

So, why even bother picking this energy drink over the other countless options? We're not really sure. But hemp seed extract apparently offers a variety of health benefits, along with a little bit of the drink's flavoring. Plus, there's like totally this cool, tubular feeling you get when you walk out of a convenient store carrying a can with marijuana leaves plastered all over it, brah.

Anyway, it seems, in addition to popping up at various locations around town (the local marketing team is updating the locations where you can buy the drink on its Facebook page as they confirm them), the self-proclaimed "Coolest Drink of Amsterdam" has actually been up to some grassroots marketing (hehe) around town of late. Most notably, CED is the leading sponsor for "The Dope Show," a monthly event held at The Green Elephant highlighting local art and music -- and, of course, copious amounts of the drink itself. In fact, the Brain Gang crew headlined their last party. Next, the team appears to be branching out their network to include Austin; they'll be making their big debut down there at the Sublime with Rome concert at the Beecave this weekend.

Not quite a free Erykah Badu show, no. But still pretty chill.