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Eat Your Feelings.

Eat Your Feelings.

You Can't Afford The Trip to South by Southwest? Lame!

By Melissa on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 4:53 PM

Situation: All of your friends are gearing up for an amazing week at South by Southwest in Austin and you can't afford to go, and that totally sucks.
Feelings: sad, depressed, disappointed, broke.
Goal: You want to wallow in your self pity while they're gone and then act like not going didn't bother you at all when they get back. Y'know, the mature approach.

Yes, next week is going to suck. Your Instagram feed is going to be filled with pictures of concerts and day-drinking all the goddamn time. And Twitter? Forget about it.

Your only option here is to go into full-in distract mode with a little gluttony. A Triple-Decker Girl Scout Cookie Sandwich should do you right.

It's easy. It's fattening. And, yeah, it's definitely distracting.

Ingredients: A box each of three of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, plus some chocolate and vanilla frosting.

1. Pick your three favorite Girl Scout Cookies. My choices would be the Samoas, Thin Mints and Trefoils, but you can feel free to mix it up.
2. Spread vanilla icing on one cookie.
3. Top it with another cookie.
4. Spread chocolate icing on the second cookie.
5. Top the chocolate frosting with your third cookie choice.
6. Alternate cookies and icing to please your own palate.
7. Lick the frosting off of your spoon as you marvel at how easy some dessert recipes can be.
8. Enjoy.

The key to coming out ahead in this scenario is to not let anyone know you had any feelings about this situation in the first place. So, remember: You really didn't even want to go, OK? Pfffft.

Eat Your Feelings.

Eat Your Feelings.

Eat Your Feelings.

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