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Sloshed in the City.

Sloshed in the City.

Downtown Dallas, Inc., Announces Run of Secret, Pop-Up Happy Hours in Downtown Parks.

By Pete on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Never let anyone tell you that people in Dallas aren't at least trying to be progressive and engaging.

Hell, one local was even recognized for as much.

Oak Cliff activist Jason Roberts, you may recall, was recently honored by the White House for his efforts with the Oak Cliff Transit Authority and the Better Block Project.

The former found the former Happy Bullets frontman pushing for a return of streetcars to Oak Cliff; the latter saw him and his fellow progressives trying to show their fellow residents the hidden potential of otherwise overlooked parts of town.

To a small degree, Downtown Dallas, Inc., is now doing something similar.

In an effort to promote the city's sudden influx of downtown-area parks, the downtown-focused organization will be throwing pop-up happy hour events called Party in the Park each of the next few Thursday evenings, starting with an affair to be held at Pegasus Plaza today at 5 p.m.

The locations of the three future, "secret" affairs will be revealed on future Wednesday to folks who "like" the organization's Facebook page.

Downtown Dallas, Inc.'s motives behind the pop-up happy hours (which will all be cash-only, it should be noted) seem pretty simple: They just want to showcase the potential of some of the city's parks. As a bonus: Each week will feature a different craft brew selection.

Pretty cool, we think.

Plus, y'know, any excuse to get drunk...