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Feed The Needy.

Feed The Needy.

Local App Tango Tab Helps The Hungry While Helping Your Wallet.

By Melissa on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 3:43 PM

These days, tons of companies are trying to perfect the online coupon routine. Most of them either cost money, are kind of a hassle to navigate or have super lame offers.

But an enterprising Dallas duo has come up with a way to offer their customers free, usable coupons -- while, in the process, helping out restaurants and those in need.

It's called Tango Tab, and the app helps feeds a person in need every time its users redeem an offer at a participating restaurant. Their slogan is "When You Eat, They Eat!" and, well, it's really true.

"You don't have to change your daily routine," says Tango Tab co-founder Mike Yonker. "You don't have to spend any additional money. We make it free and easy to get great offers and feed those in need."

Their strategy also helps the restaurant business. The way this whole thing works is, Yonker and his business partner contact local restaurants and ask if they would like to participate in their Tango Tab offers. The restaurant owners then sets up a deal their cool with. So, unlike some other coupon companies, the restaurants make a deal that can actual help them as well.

As a diner, all you have to do is sign up for Tango Tab and start claiming the deals, either by visiting their site or by using their iPhone app. Once you've signed up, Tango Tab will show you deals in your area. Then you "claim" the deal, visit the participating restaurant, show them your deal code and then Tango Tab makes a donation in exchange for your use of their app.

You've done what you would have done on any other night, but you've fed someone in need just by using Tango Tab. Being philanthropic has never been so easy.