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In Good Taste.

In Good Taste.

Six Ways To Improve Taste of Dallas.

By Melissa on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 2:30 PM

As Dallasites, we generally love anything to do with food and anything to do with Fair Park. So, yeah, we would of course love an event where we can go to Fair Park to taste a little something-something from a number of the city's finest restaurants.

In theory, Taste of Dallas should be exactly the event we crave. And, in a way, it is. But, year after year, the event disappoints. Not completely, mind you. But, considering that Dallas diners eat out more than those of any other city, Taste of Dallas should really be a better event than it is. The good news? It won't take much to improve it. Just six simple moves and Taste of Dallas will be exactly what we want: an awesome event in our beloved Fair Park that we can walk away from satisfied.

1. Have the event in spring, not summer. Seriously. July? The hottest month of the year is chosen as the perfect time to set up loads of tents and serve food outside? That doesn't make any sense.

2. Offer a weekend pass. Even the fattest of asses can't taste all of this event's offerings in a single day. Yes, we understand that the event runs for three days. But why do we have to buy tickets to each day's offerings individually? Why isn't there a single purchase option for all three days?

3. More free stuff, please. It's cool that all of the offered tastings at this event are under $5, yeah. But we're still paying to park and just to get into the event. Why not include more free samples? Patrons won't fill up on these miniature darlings, promise.

4. Ensure that your participants offer food until the event closes each evening. Dallas has a lot of night owls. And, of course, with it being July, we sometimes like to go to events late in the evening to avoid the heat. So, y'know, if the event is supposed to go until 10 p.m. maybe all of the tents should be open and selling food until then.

5. Update your website. With just a few days to the event, the sitemap is still not visible anywhere on the the event's webpage. If we can't get a weekend pass, is it too much to ask for a posted-in-advance map showing us where each restaurant will be located?

6. Turn on the Texas Star. C'mon. It's the best part of Fair Park. How expensive can it really be to get that baby running for an extra three days a year?