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Drink About It.

Drink About It.

How To Properly Throw A Cocktail Party.

By Melissa on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 2:36 PM

Summer is in full swing, Dallas is in full party mode and, by now, most of us have lived things up at some of the city's best pool parties, Memorial Day parties and, uh, jorts parties. Now it's time to throw your own bash.

Last weekend, Dallas hosted the first ever Craft Cocktails Texas event, a 4-day affair that described itself as "part conference and part cocktail party." Perhaps the most useful of all the lectures and talks we heard between drinks last weekend was Eddie "Lucky" Campbell of the Chesterfield's "How To Throw a Cocktail Party" lesson. It was an entertaining and buzz-inducing talk, to be sure -- and more than a little helpful when it comes to figuring out some Cocktail Party Throwing 101. Here are the most important tips Campbell taught us about hosting your own cocktail party at home.

Be cheesy. It's a sad but true fact: People like quirky stuff like plastic swords in their drinks. They also enjoy balloons and party favors.

Be a mindful host. Pick a time and date that is convenient for your guests. If your crowd is into happy hour, choose something early in the evening. If you hang with late-nighters, make it after 9.

Serve food. Even better: Make sure the food is easy to consume and mess-free.

Crank the drinks out. Before your guests arrive, make batches of mixed drinks. It's easier to serve and keeps the crowd happy.

Kegs are your friend. Remember: One keg produces about 140 beers.

Buy large quantities of champagne. They keep people occupied while waiting for more cocktails. Also, the bubbles will tickle your nose and that's just a funny feeling.

Have fun. Don't feel burdened because this is your event. Set up your party where you can go out and mingle. Don't be your own bartender. Have everything prepared so you have no stress.

Don't forget the ice. I mean, c'mon.

Drink About It.

Drink About It.

Drink About It.