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What To Do On Friday, April 27.

What To Do On Friday, April 27.

Ben Folds And Five Other Shows To Check Out Tonight.

By Cory on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 9:30 AM

We really should have just called today's "Things to Do" column "Which Concert to See" instead.

Sure, there's a pretty rad play debuting tonight over at The Nest, but there are also six shows we'd really like to see. If only there was some loophole in the space-time continuum we could exploit to make that a reality...

Until then, tonight's choice is going to be excessively difficult -- especially considering that bands like Olivia Tremor Control don't play here all that often, that Ben Folds isn't typically backed by a symphony when he comes to town, and that really nobody knows what the hell Mickey Avalon or the Brian Jonestown Massacre might do.

Let's go over the options and try to find the best fit for you.

The Better Doctor at The Nest
Billed as "a silent film on stage," The Better Doctor opens tonight at The Nest (425 Bedford St. in West Dallas), but the play -- written by Matt Lyle, author of The Boxer -- won't be completely silent, as there will be plenty of live music throughout the performance, with plenty of subtitles and slapstick gags to keep things visually compelling as well.

Olivia Tremor Control, Deathray Davies at Sons of Hermann Hall
It's a night of retro-infused indie-rock at Sons tonight with one of the original three Elephant 6 collective bands (Olivia Tremor Control) and Dallas' Deathray Davies, whose frontman, John Dufilho, also drums for an original Elephant 6 band in The Apples in Stereo. As adored as both acts are, though, neither plays here all that often.

Brian Jonestown Masacre at Granada Theater
Anyone who has ever seen the documentary Dig! both really loves and really hates the Brian Jonestown Massacre. One of the most promising bands of the early '90s, the ever self-destructive ways of frontman Anton Newcombe has caused 40-plus members to pass through the BJM ranks since its inception. Still, it's just that unpredictability and volatile nature that makes their live shows so exciting.

Mickey Avalon at Trees
It is perhaps Avalon's back story that makes the rapper so popular -- even more so than his often satirical brand of pop-rap. Or maybe it is because of his back story that he has so many interesting things to say. Really, though, how could a teenager whose grandparents were holocaust survivors, parents were drug dealers and addicts, and who had previously prostituted himself to fund his own addictions not have a lifetime of material to draw from?

Mayer Hawthorne at South Side Music Hall
Mayer Hawthorne is one of the biggest cases against judging books by their covers in recent memory. The unassuming, preppy-looking white guy produces, writes, arranges and sings some of the slickest, hip-hop-infused R&B and soul tunes going. Even better, a lot of those '60s and '70s sounding "samples" he appears to be using to craft his songs are live instruments.

Spookeasy album release at La Grange
We've been streaming it all week, but tonight at La Grange will be your first chance to hear Spookeasy's new set of tunes live and to get your hands on a physical copy of the release.

Ben Folds with the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall
This is one of those one-night-only, can't-miss-it kind of deals. Exceedingly clever lyricist and unbelievable pop-piano showman Ben Folds will be backed by the Fort Worth Symphony tonight at Bass Hall for sweeping, grandiose interpretations of his catalog. During a previous Folds trip through town, the absolute beast of a piano player actually had to stop down for a second after breaking a piano string.