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What To Do On Friday, April 20.

What To Do On Friday, April 20.

Get Splattered With Gore at Evil Dead: The Musical.

By Cory on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Tonight, Dallas proves that it is indeed big enough to hold two festivals with the words "Dallas International" in the titles -- the Dallas International Film Festival, which, yes, is still going on at places like The Angelika, and, over at Dallas Market Hall, the Dallas International Guitar Festival, which is starting.

If you time it right, you can also catch Ben Kweller at the Granada Theater and still make it out for the 1 a.m. showing of Evil Dead: The Musical in Grapevine. Or maybe you can catch an early showing of the musical and make it back to Zouk in time for Paul Oakenfold.

Dallas International Film Festival
Tonight, we recommend the film Alps by Greek director Giorgos Lanthimos.

Ben Kweller at Granada Theater
Greenville native Ben Kweller has been all over the map soundwise throughout his career. He effortlessly bounces from piano pop, folky acoustic numbers, country music and the more electrified rock stuff heard on his latest release, Go Fly a Kite. More important: The current Austin resident always seems to bring his A-game for his "homecoming" gigs in Dallas.

Evil Dead: The Musical at Ohlook Performing Arts Center
The campy, tongue-in-cheek Evil Dead horror trilogy has been turned into a musical -- yes you read that correctly -- to be performed tonight only at Grapevine's Ohlook Performing Arts Center. And just one ticket lets you catch the marathon performance, which is set to repeat every two and a half hours until the cast gets too tired. Like Gallagher and Gwar before it, the Evil Dead musical offers a "splatter zone" seating area, where attendees get joyfully sprayed with gore.

Paul Oakenfold at Zouk
Three decades in the electronic music industry make Paul Oakenfold not just one of genre's early innovators, but one of its most enduring figures as well. Tonight's party at Zouk is also an after-party of sorts following the screening of The Starck Project at the Angelika as part of the Dallas International Film Fest. The film documents the '80s heyday of the Starck Club, which resided in the same location that Zouk currently enjoys.

Dallas International Guitar Festival at Dallas Market Hall
Though there are roughly 2000 guitar shows held annually worldwide, word is the first ones were held right here in Dallas in the early '80s. The Dallas International Guitar Festival remains one of the largest guitar shows in the country with over 15,000 people expected to attend this year's event.