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What To Do On Thursday, April 19.

What To Do On Thursday, April 19.

Amy Sedaris Gets Silly At The Kessler.

By Cory on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Though we've sort of eased into it with a relatively quiet first half of the week, Thursdays continue to be the hot night in Dallas.

We're not going to lie: It's going to be tough to figure out where you'll be headed tonight.

First up, quirky funny woman and sometimes author Amy Sedaris will be speaking over at the Kessler, which we have no doubts will be wildly entertaining. Then, over at The Palladium, sludge rockers Mastodon will be keeping the flame of heavy metal alive with their set tonight. Even the fashion events are more amped up tonight, with tonight's show at The Florence Street Art Gallery promising to be a full on assault of the senses. Also, the music of Simon and Garfunkel will performed on the ATTPAC patio.

And that's just the beginning.

Mastodon at The Palladium
Heavy metal is one of those seemingly niche genres that seems perpetually about to fade from the mainstream. But every time it looks to be on its last legs a new torchbearer emerges. Just as Pantera did in the '90s, Mastodon has been in the late '00s and early '10s. But Mastodon's mix of sludge and proto metal has caught on with a wider audience than just the typical metalhead crowd. Opeth are co-headlining this tour.

Amy Sedaris at the Kessler Theater
We often wonder what it must have been like to grow up in the Sedaris household. Humorist David and his sister, actress/comedienne/author Amy, are two of the most wonderfully peculiar, amusing and downright funny people maybe ever. Amy, who is most known for her role as Jerri Blank on Comedy Central's Strangers With Candy as well as her wacky appearances as a frequent guest on the Late Show with David Letterman, makes a rare public appearance tonight at the Kessler.

After Five fashion show at The Florence Street Art Gallery, who using this event to celebrate the launch of their e-magazine, is touting tonight's fashion show as a "sensory event." A runway show, beverage and "sensory tasting" stations, DJs and living art displays are just some of the ways they will aim to stimulate attendees' five senses.

Patio Sessions: Holt & Stockslager perform Simon & Garfunkel at ATTPAC
Chris Holt and Chad Stockslager are two of Dallas' most skilled musicians. That's probably why they're also two of the busiest. While there's a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor to most of Stockslager's live performances, the duo are said to treat Simon & Garfunkel's music with respect.

Gn Therapy Capsule Collection Preview at Centre
How does denim company Gn set their products apart from other jean manufacturers? For one thing, instead of acid or stone washing their products they bury them underground in a process they call eco-aging. For the next six months, a batch will be "washing" right here in Dallas. The different batches vary on the type of soil they were buried in, how long they were kept underground and what the climate conditions were like during that time. At tonight's preview event at Centre, there will be food, drinks, and other giveaways from Gn Therapy.

Billy Reid Presents The Southern Social at Switch Creative
Though he's long since left Dallas, fashion designer Billy Reid and his company still have their hands in some local pots, and, every now and then, Dallas gets to reap the benefits. Tonight, Reid and local design firm Switch Creative host a night of food, drinks and music. It's all free, too, although donations will go to benefit the Flops Fighting Cancer organization.