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What To Do On Wednesday, April 18.

What To Do On Wednesday, April 18.

Cheer On The Mavs In The Second-To-Last Regular Season Home Game.

By Cory on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 7:40 AM

The Dallas International Film Festival continues to be this week's big event. In lieu of listing all the films showing this week, we'll just point you again to Jeremy Hughes' list of recommendations. If film ain't your bag, your options tonight include the second-to-last Mavs home game of the regular season, which is looking increasingly more pivotal as of late, as well as a wine and cheese pairing class, a mall-punk band performing at House of Blues and a night of old-fashioned speakeasy-style gin and jazz.

Dallas International Film Festival
Tonight we recommend The Salt of Life, Italian writer/director Gianni Di Gregorio's comedy about a middle-aged man who, while attempting to find a new purpose, begins to fill his life with an array of colorful women.

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets at American Airlines Center
Had the Mavericks won that triple OT game against the Jazz two nights ago, their playoff berth would have been all but clinched and head coach Rick Carlisle might have opted to rest aging vets Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and even Dirk Nowitzki tonight. As it stands now, it looks like they could use another win to get into the postseason. Plus, tonight's game against the Houston Rockets is the penultimate home game of the regular season.

Go Radio at House of Blues Cambridge Room
In '07, Jason Lancaster left popular mall punk act Mayday Parade citing burnout as the cause for his departure. However, by '08, he started up Go Radio, which sound pretty remarkably like -- get this -- Mayday Parade. They were subsequently signed to the same label as Lancaster's previous band (Fearless Records) and employed the help of Mayday Parade producer Kenneth Mount to record their second EP. Why mess with a formula that works?

Jazz with Dave Monsch at The Gin Mill
As our fancy beverages expert Blake Panter recently pointed out, gin and tonics can vary greatly from bar to bar depending on the quality of ingredients being used. As you might expect, The Gin Mill stocks several high-end gins. Rediscover the drink at the bar's semi-monthly Wednesday jazz nights.

Jester King Brewery beer and cheese class at Scardello
Call us stereotypical Americans if you must (or just go ahead and poke our tummies Pilsbury Doughboy-style), but we're pretty crazy about cheese. And beer. Go figure. Tonight, Ron Extract from Austin's Jester King Brewery will be on hand at Scardello, helping to pair his brews with their artisan cheeses.