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What To Do On Tuesday, April 10.

What To Do On Tuesday, April 10.

Hey Girl, We Hear You Didn't Get Tickets To At The Drive-In. How About Some Real Estate?

By Cory on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Much like the oft-reminisced about '91 Nirvana show at Trees, tonight's At The Drive-In reunion show already feels like one of those concerts that everyone will claim to have been at a decade from now. For those that didn't get tickets -- and that's probably a ton of folks -- don't fret: There is a pretty quality Real Estate show across the street as well. But, for us, as of late, Tuesdays have been movie nights. And, whether we're feeling high brow or just feeling like turning off the old brains and vegging out, the Magnolia and Texas Theatre's respectively have our backs.

At The Drive-In at Trees
In January, El Paso post-hardcore outfit At The Drive-In announced a reunion at this year's Coachella festival -- over a decade after calling it quits. To warm up for that gig, the group announced yesterday a last-minute concert at Trees. It sold out in three minutes.

Real Estate at Dada
A favorable review on Pitchfork will go a long way to helping a small indie band "get over," so to speak, with larger audiences. Real Estate's packed show at Dada last November after the popular site named their sophomore album one of the 50 best of the year is just one example of this. Catch them again at Dada before their Coachella slot this weekend.

The Big Movie: The Ten Commandments at Magnolia Theatre
Continuing their biblical epics theme, the Big Movie series will be showing ABC's Easter television staple, The Ten Commandments. Sure, you just watched it on your puny home television sets this past Saturday, but the only real way to watch this ambitious 219-minute classic is commercial-free on the big screen.

Tuesday Night Trash: Thou Shall Not Kill... Except at Texas Theatre
While the The Ten Commandments is imparting pearls of biblical wisdom such as "Thou shall not kill" over at The Magnolia, the Texas Theatre's showing of '80s horror flick Thou Shall Not Kill... Except will prove there are exceptions to every rule.

Fashion's Living Canvas at the Hilton Anatole
Six local Texas designers will be showcasing their collections at this somewhat unusual fashion show. True to the event's name, organizers promise to transform models into works of art in front of patrons' very eyes.

April Ale Week at Meddlesome Moth
Meddlesome Moth's week-long celebration of their second anniversary continues tonight with the bar tapping a cask-conditioned Schwarzbier from Austin's Live Oak brewery.