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What To Do On Tuesday, March 20.

What To Do On Tuesday, March 20.

The Black Belles Bring Their Honky Tonk Horror To La Grange

By Cory on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 7:45 AM

We keep telling ourselves tonight is going to be the night that we're going to stay in and finally get to bed at a reasonable hour. That probably won't happen tonight, either. With all the local music festivals and whatnot that have been going on the past few weeks, we can't remember the last time we've gotten a full eight hours.

The Black Belles at La Grange
North Texas is on a pretty great streak now of awesome all-girl rock bands coming through the area. The Raincoats and Dum Dum Girls each recently played main stage sets at the 35 Denton festival, and The Coathangers ripped it up at Dada last weekend as part of Parade of Flesh's annual Bro Fest event. The run continues tonight with The Black Belles, a '60s-influenced goth garage quartet who'll perform at La Grange. Their debut record was released by Jack White's Third Man Records, which has a pretty great track record of discovering virtual unknowns.

Two Fer Tuesday at AllGood Cafe (6 to 9 p.m.)
While we typically think of AllGood as one of the best brunch spots in town, their dinners are actually quite tasty as well. Can't decide between the pork chop or chicken fried steak? Get them both tonight as part of Two Fer Tuesday, where you buy two entrees and get the less expensive one free. It really makes the decision to stray from our old standby the migas all the easier.

Tuesday Night Trash: Penitentiary III at Texas Theatre
When boxer Too Sweet accidentally kills an opponent during a rigged bout, he is sent to prison where he must learn martial arts in order to defeat the prison's worst killer -- a sodomy-crazed, dwarf martial artist named Thud -- in order to win his freedom.

Sarah Vowell at First Presbyterian Church of Dallas
Author and historian Sarah Vowell has a unique perspective on history that comes across in her writings. By that, we mean she approaches mundane and/or tragic historical events like document-signings or assassinations with a fresh and often hilarious perspective. At this event, Vowell will be in conversation with KERA's Krys Boyd.

The Big Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey at Magnolia Theatre
There are just certain movies that everyone should see. The folks at Magnolia Theatre and D Magazine have done a pretty good job at compiling a list of these absolute must-sees and showing them on the big screen on a weekly basis. This week's movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is a seminal piece of cinematography, a real game-changer in nearly every facet.

Half-price burgers at Lee Harvey's
So you weren't the lucky, free-entree winning, fifth commenter on Lee Harvey's daily Facebook post? Don't fret, their burgers are still half-price tonight, and DJ Hammertimez will be picking the tunes.