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What To Do On Thursday, March 15.

What To Do On Thursday, March 15.

Take Your Toy Obsession To The Next Level.

By Cory on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 7:55 AM

It's a busy Thursday.

Hopefully you remembered how chaotic and packed the last Vinyl Thoughts art show was and got a good night's sleep accordingly. Personally, we've had the date circled for months ever since that killer mural started going up on the side of The Quixotic World.

There are a couple of other shopping-related events going on today, too -- a beer walk at The Village at Fairview shops and a monthly region-wide effort to support local businesses.

Later tonight, Andrew Bird gracefully whistles in his new album over at The Majestic.

Vinyl Thoughts Art Show at The Quixotic World
Better start lining up early if you plan on making it into the second Vinyl Thoughts art show. The custom video game-themed vinyl toys made and displayed by this year's 30 participating artists are all available for purchase -- and buyers just get to walk right out with them on the spot. It adds another level of urgency to the event for sure. Free Rock and Roll Tacos and beverages from Deep Eddy and St. Arnold's are just added bonuses. Sounds like an unstoppable combo to us.

Andrew Bird at Majestic Theatre
We often wonder if Andrew Bird was teased about his last name growing up, or if he just always embraced it even from an early age. Either way, he's learned to whistle damn near as good as his spirit animal namesake. As a bonus, everyone who buys a ticket to tonight's show will receive download codes for Bird's latest album, Break It Yourself, which was released last week, as well as links to grab a pair of live EPs.

Beer Walk at The Village at Fairview
Steeped in a century of German heritage, McKinney's Franconia Brewing Co. crafts some of the finest Bavarian beer in the region. Sample their brews for free at their beer walk at The Village at Fairview tonight. Select stores and restaurants in the center will also have some special promotions going for beer walk participants.

Shop Local Third Thursdays
Shop Local DFW is an organization whose goal is to promote locally-owned independent businesses. As part of their efforts, they encourage DFW residents to spend at least $50 per month at at least three locally-owned shops. For a list of spots participating their growing movement go here.

Devin Leigh at Mockingbird Station
Local guitarist Devin Leigh marks the second installment in Mockingbird Station's semimonthly concert series. The performances take place on the mezzanine level in front of the Angelika.