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What To Do On Wednesday, March 14.

What To Do On Wednesday, March 14.

Finally Close Out 35 Denton With The Jesus And Mary Chain.

By Cory on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 7:20 AM

The closer we get to the heart of South by Southwest week, the bigger the in-town performances by en-route-to-South-by artists become. Tonight, The Jesus and Mary Chain are arriving fashionably late to the 35 Denton festival, and should get a pretty warm welcome over at the North Texas State Fairgrounds. Sounds like a pretty good way for University of North Texas students to spend the dead week in between wrapping up midterms and getting ready for their spring break. Meanwhile, in Dallas, Tommy Stinson, Lucero and SBTRKT also have pretty special performances scheduled as well.

Lucero at Trees
The Memphis-based alt-country band tours pretty much non-stop and roll through town so often they almost feel like a local band. But that also means they've built up a pretty huge following here as well. They drink like a country band and get as raucous as a punk band. Expect a rowdy night.

Tommy Stinson at Double Wide
We always forget bassist Tommy Stinson was just 15 when his band The Replacements released their first debut album -- and the fact that the band had already been playing shows for a few years before that. The band went on to become one of the most important bands of its era, so even all these years later it will be a cool experience to see Stinson playing in an intimate space like the Double Wide.

The Jesus and Mary Chain at North Texas State Fairgrounds
The 2012 edition of 35 Denton should technically be over by now. But thanks to unfortunate issues securing work visas, the festival's planned headliners, The Jesus and Mary Chain, were unable to perform during the scheduled four-day run of the festival. No worries, though, as the 35 Denton organizers were able to plan a makeup show on the fly, which will take place tonight at the North Texas State Fairgrounds in Denton, where the Flaming Lips also performed their NX35 set a couple years back. In a surprise move, Ty Segall has also been tapped to open the free show.

Free Detox Yoga at Exhale Spa (noon)
It is National Nutrition Month, after all, and a free round of yoga might be just the ticket to kick off the process of getting back into bathing suit shape. Or maybe, like us, you just need to detox after drinking way too much beer at last weekend's 35 Denton festival.

Gallagher at Hat Tricks
Speaking of eras: Is it fair to call Gallagher the Carrot Top of his era? By that, we mean a comedian who has become so well-known and poked fun at on such a larger pop-culture scale that he has at the same time become culturally more significant and yet far less respected for his actual craft? The biggest shame when this happens to figures in this situation is the way their careers are reduced to one oft-caricatured attribute. Sure, Gallagher does still smash the shit out of some fruit ("splash zone" seats cost $5 extra) but he does have a body of humor outside of the world or culinary destruction that is actually quite intelligent and well-delivered.

SBTRKT at South Side Music Hall
London producer SBTRKT has been on tour since the beginning of the year in support of last year's self-titled LP. Before playing SXSW later this week he'll make a stop at South Side Music Hall, inside the Palladium complex, for what will be his first ever North American performance.