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What To Do On Monday, March 12.

What To Do On Monday, March 12.

Let's Get Mythical, Mythical Tonight at Verizon Theatre

By Cory on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Exhausted from the four-day music marathon that is 35 Denton? Us too. But it being South by Southwest week and all means quality shows will be all over town every night this week as bands make their way to the Austin festival. And as if that weren't enough, some local bands heading down to the fest will be finding opportunities to play that one final warm-up gig before taking off.

SXSW pre-party at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Fort Worth staples Calhoun and Quaker City Night Hawks will be heading up a SXSW pre-party out in Panther City tonight, and L.A.'s Jenny O, New York City's Black Taxi and Athens' Lera Lynn find themselves on the bill as well. The show will also serve as a warm-up gig for Quaker City who will function as Jenny O's backing band for her official SXSW showcase.

Kaiser Chiefs at House of Blues
U.K.'s Kaiser Chiefs were originally slated to come to town back in September, but that show was canceled due to their American record label's closure, which effectively delayed the North American release of their album. That new effort, Start the Revolution Without Me, was released last week and their show tonight at House of Blues is now a go.

Half-price pizza at Bryan Street Tavern
Spend all your money on wristbands, booze, band merch, ponchos, and Fuzzy's Tacos at 35 Denton last weekend like we did? Thank goodness for half-price pizza.

Torche at Trees
OK, so technically Corrosion of Conformity are the real headliners on this bill, but it's Miami sludge metal act Torche who we're more excited about. The doomy stoner rock outfit will look and sound so much better at Trees than places like The Nightmare (R.I.P.) where they've played on previous trips through town.

Mythbusters: Behind the Myths at Verizon Theatre
Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from Discovery Channel's Mythbusters series will be at Verizon this week, conducting live experiments and telling behind-the-scenes tales from their show. We also hear there will be lots of audience participation -- so you might want to start dusting off that old beret just in case.