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What To Do On Wednesday, March 7.

What To Do On Wednesday, March 7.

Prove You're The Master Of Your Domain At West End Pub's Seinfeld Quiz.

By Cory on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 7:45 AM

Wednesday is called to as "hump day" for a reason. If you can just make it over that proverbial hump, the week is but a downhill coast towards the weekend.

Tonight really embodies that mindset, too. With Radiohead earlier in the week and the utterly exhausting four-day music marathon that is 35 Denton starting up tomorrow, tonight makes an excellent time to relax and recharge, to recover from the past two nights and to prepare for the next four.

That being the case, there are lots of food and drink deals all over town to help you do just that.

And for those still jonesing for some good tuneage, there's a fairly laid-back show going on over at City Tavern.

Geeks Who Drink's Seinfeld Quiz at West End Pub
With some help from Geeks Who Drink, the West End Pub is hosting its third annual Seinfeld Quiz. It's $5 per person to enter, and teams are capped at five people. Prizes of up to $500 will be awarded, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Wild Child at City Tavern
What first comes to mind when you think of the ukulele? That played out cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that's been in every credit card commercial known to man? That tiny little thing the wiggling hula girl on your car's dashboard is holding? Do you envision reenacting a miniature version of that scene from Animal House where Blutarsky smashes that beatnik's guitar? Even those who answered "all of the above" may still find the adorable boy/girl vocals and chemistry between Austin indie-folk outfit Wild Child pretty endearing -- even if they do prominently feature the uke.

Pokey-O's sixth anniversary
In honor of their sixth anniversary, the local cookies and ice cream purveyors are letting their decadent ice cream sandwiches go for just a buck.

Half-price food at Quarter Bar
On Wednesdays, Quarter Bar serves up half-price food before 10 p.m. Shiner beer, cheese dip and pulled pork tacos anyone?

$5 I Call It, You Drink It at The Chesterfield

When we profiled The Chesterfield a while back, we were thoroughly impressed by the 90 different drink offerings on their menu -- but slightly deterred by the nearly $10 per drink price. Tonight, you can have one of their expert barkeeps mix you up an authentic prohibition-style cocktail for only $5. But here's the rub: They get to pick the drink. You do get to pick one spirit going into the concoction, though. Don't sweat it, you're in good hands.