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What To Do On Saturday, March 3.

What To Do On Saturday, March 3.

Party On The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge With Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

By Cory on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Whether you're more into Paulaner or Harp or landmarks or vinyl, there's an event going down today for you in Dallas.

Also, the weather's pretty damn perfect.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Celebration Street Fair
Unlike last night's more highfalutin celebratory events, this evening's street fair is free to attend. Local musicians will perform on several stages, most notably co-headliners Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and The Relatives, both of whom are buzzing pretty good this week.

Starkbierfest at Common Table
The Lenten festival was originally celebrated by German monks who decided a loophole in their religious fasting laws banned eating but not drinking. So one especially clever monk concocted the first batch of starkbier (literally "strong beer"), and its higher grain content helped keep the monks feeling full. It is said that one liter of starkbier is the equivalent of eating 16 loaves of bread. At Common Table, they do the celebration right, serving authentic German fare.

CT Presents: Doug Burr/Gold Beach 7" release party at Good Records
This afternoon at Good Records, we're helping Spune celebrate the release of their newest 7-inch release from Denton's Doug Burr and Austin's Gold Beach. The Easy Slider and Bomb Fried Pies food trucks will also be on hand, because that's how we roll. (4 p.m.)

For the Love of the Artists at Kettle Art
Is it ironic that starving artists are generally among the first people to lend their support, time, and talent to philanthropic causes? Or is their good nature maybe part of the reason they're starving in the first place? To thank the artists who recently participated in the Kettle Art's For the Love of Kettle fundraiser, the gallery is now hosting an event where all money raised goes directly to the artists.

North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park
If German celebrations aren't your thing, there's also a huge Irish Festival going down in Fair Park this weekend. How'd we get so multicultural all of a sudden?

Hot Club of Cowtown at Uptown Theater
There's generally not many good reasons to venture into Grand Prairie, save for the occasional show at Verizon Theatre. In fact, most people probably don't even realize there is even another place in GP to catch a show beyond that spot. Alas, the Uptown Theater, a cute venue converted in recent years from an outmoded movie theater, is a nice spot to catch Austin's Hot Club of Cowtown. The trio includes guitarist Whit Smith, whose Django Reinhardt-influenced jazz licks raise their bar beyond just the typical western swing fare.

Flea Market at Lee Harvey's
Art, antiques, kitsch, collectables, and breakfast tacos. Sounds like we got ourselves a nice little Saturday planned.

Bank of America's Museum's On Us
This weekend, Bank of America card holders will be have free admission to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science, History and Dallas Museum of Art. What's in your wallet?