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What To Do On Friday, March 2.

What To Do On Friday, March 2.

Saul Williams Serves Up Some Poetic Justice at Sons.

By Cory on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 8:50 AM

Thursdays might be the new Friday, but Friday is still, well, the old Friday, and that's pretty good. Really!

Tonight, a pair of progressive music events can be had tonight for those who appreciate forward-thinking, outside of the box performers. A spastic Lord of the Rings tribute is another quirky-yet-intriguing option. And how can anyone forget the three day Bridge-o-Rama festivities planned to celebrate the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge finally opening?

Saul Williams at Sons of Hermann Hall
The poet-turned-emcee doesn't so much as rap as deliver his rhythmic, emotive poetry in a frenzied pace. The star of the film Slam has performed with everyone from Nas, Trent Reznor and Zack De La Rocha to poets like Allen Ginsberg. Expect a healthy blend of spoken word pieces and hip-hop.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Celebration Party
Lyle Lovett and his large band headline the first of a three-night celebration to christen the city's latest architectural achievement, the Calatrava-designed bridge. But it's like 200 bones to attend.

One Man Lord of the Rings at Water Tower Theatre
Lord of the Rings diehard Charlie Ross has created a frenetic one-man show in which he portrays 42 different characters from the trilogy, somehow reducing the 12 hours that it would take to watch the films into a 65-minute dash.

Frankenstein Brothers at Granada Theater
Though we're not typically fans of avant-guitar virtuosos, Buckethead tends to be one of our lone exceptions, probably because at age three we used to run around the house with an empty bucket of Legos on our heads yelling that our name too was Buckethead. But we digress. The always weird performer also has a knack for picking collaborators who are just as equally skilled and bizarre as his is. His partner in crime tonight is Vegas performer That 1 Guy, who is known for his quirky homemade instruments such as the Magic Pipe, a 7-foot-tall collection of plumbing tubes, bass strings and electronics.

Weekend at Texas Theatre
The surrealistic Godard classic will be presented in 35mm glory. A dance party featuring DJs Wild in the Streets and Travis Box follows. According to the theatre's site: The working class is welcome, the bourgeoisie tolerated.

Alec Baldwin at Winspear Opera House
Emmy Award-winning actor and Words With Friends addict Alec Baldwin will be the latest celebrity in Brinker International's series to come tell stories of their on and off screen careers. That is, of course, assuming he doesn't get kicked off his flight down here.