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What To Do On Tuesday, February 28.

What To Do On Tuesday, February 28.

Who Wants To Get Trashed At The Texas Theatre?

By Cory on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Thanks in large part to the way Dallasites are portrayed on the lot of God-awful reality shows that have been based here the last few years (see: Big Rich Texas, Most Eligible: Dallas, The A-List: Dallas, etc.), more often than not, we come off as a bunch of rich, terribly shallow, catty, air-headed socialites. But there is more to Dallas than big hair, nightclubs, and shopping. Tonight's offerings, for instance, would even make old Frasier Crane proud. From classical music to architectural debates, there's something for everyone looking to shatter a stereotype or two.

Tuesday Trash Night: Darktown Strutters at Texas Theatre
There are those classic films that seem to be re-released every time there's a big cinematic advancement. Take Star Wars, for instance, which has been released in several different incarnations, each painstakingly digitally restored, and most recently updated to add 3D. The films shown on Tuesday nights at Texas Theatre are not these types of films at all. The idea behind the weekly Tuesday Night Trash event is to find the weirdest and worst of that genre of movie -- the kind that only shows on television after 2 a.m. This week, they're showing Darktown Strutters, a film about a biker gang of African-American women in search of one of their mother's abductors. Comedy, no doubt, ensues.

Point/Counterpoint: Bright Lights. Great City? at Dallas Center for Architecture

Last week, guest writer
JP Hossley commented on Dallas' new obsession with using LED's to light its buildings
, saying that "there is something beautifully poetic about the way certain buildings or objects are lit up at night." Not everybody agrees. There are those who frequently proclaim that it is only a matter of time before the eyesore that is the Omni causes a wreck on I-35 due to its distracting facade. Tonight, a panel of architects will debate whether or not the growing trend adds vibrancy to the city or just slaps lipstick on the proverbial pig.

Jon Anderson at Kessler Theater
This performance by the former Yes frontman is being billed as one of the Kessler's "storytellers" series, where -- much like on the VH1 series -- Anderson will be expected to tell the stories behind his songs. Perhaps even more interesting is Tim DeLaughter, who will be performing his first solo set. As anyone who has ever heard any of the old Polyphonic Spree demos can attest to, it is always interesting to see DeLaughter's songs stripped to their most basic forms.

The Big Movie: The Godfather at the Magnolia
This is pretty much the polar opposite of the idea behind Texas Theatre's event. It's always cool when opportunities arise to see some of our favorite films from before we were born up on the big screen as they were originally intended.

Classical Open Mic at Buzzbrews
The concept of open mic nights is not a new one by any means; amateurs get a built-in audience to subject their music to and venues get free entertainment. It's a model used everywhere from coffee shops to comedy houses. But the idea of an open mic that involves only classical music is kind of unheard of, no? We just recently found out that this is a weekly occurrence at Buzzbrews' Lemmon Avenue location.

Half-price food at Anvil Pub
One of the best booze-absorbing dishes in Deep Ellum has got to be Anvil's Hammertime, a sort of mac and cheese and chili mashup. Pro tip: Order it with Fritos and sriracha.