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Class Action.

Class Action.

Female TCU Students Are So Much More Attractive Than Male TCU Students, Says Female TCU Student.

By Pete on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 1:59 PM

Last week, the web-based chain publication The Odyssey published piece by Caroline Currier, a student at Texas Christian University. That's hardy surprising: TCU is one of 39 schools where The Odyssey maintains a presence.

But that's not to say that Currier's piece, titled "Oh The Woes of Being A TCU Girl," isn't raising eyebrows. Quite the opposite: Ever since it got published last Thursday, the piece has been making the social media rounds in and around Fort Worth thanks to its eye-roll-inducing stance that it's just oh-so-difficult to be a female member of the TCU student body while seeking a date with a member of the opposite sex.

Currier's stance? Not only do the women outnumber the men at TCU by an almost 3:2 ratio, but these women are also, by Currier's estimation, just so much more attractive than their male counterparts. She cites both a Playboy piece from a few years ago and an Elite Daily piece from this year, each of which named TCU women the sixth-most attractive in the country, in her argument.

Somehow, though, her piece still manages to come off as elitist and superficial. Crazy, I know.

Writes Currier: "One thing my friends and I have discussed several times is that TCU is sort of like a parallel universe. In 'TCU land,' the increment of 3 is added to the 'attractiveness' ranking of every male, while it is subtracted from the ranking of every female. For instance, if a male is a 5 in real life, they are considered an 8 on TCU's campus. This is what us girls call 'TCU cute.' This phrase is used when a male is considered more attractive simply because he floats among a pool of less attractive males. On the other hand, if a female is an 8 in real life, she is considered a 5 at TCU."

She ends her piece by doling out some sure-to-be-appreciated advice to her male classmates: "Take advantage of these ridiculous odds, because after your four short years at TCU, most of you will be docked 3 points again, and for us girls, well -- we will win an addition of 3 points for the rest of our lives."

Solid math: The hallmark of a good education.

Anyway, the whole thing is a stimulating, enlightening read -- and illuminating look into the social dynamics on TCU's campus, for sure.

Check out the whole thing right here.