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Full Spectrum.

[VIDEO] The New-Look "Green Building" Is Anything But.

By Pete on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 3:45 AM

Yesterday, we were under the impression that the Bank of America Plaza's months-in-the-making renovated light system wouldn't be unveiled until the Thursday evening ceremony aimed at celebrating the revamping.

For whatever reason, however, Wednesday night observers of the Dallas skyline were treated to a preview of the building's now-multicolored, ever-changing visual display. All night long, the edifice once affectionately known as the "Green Building" flashed a variety of colors along its once-singular-colored edges.

Meaning? The "Green Building" now shines all across the color spectrum.

Below, check out two separate video angles of the building's new visual capabilities, as witnessed on Wednesday night.

Update on Friday, November 15: Well, we may have jumped the gun a bit. At last night's official re-lighting ceremony, the "Green Building" once more shined green and remained so for the rest of the night. Officials now say the building will mostly remain green, although the added capabilities will be employed for special occasions. Below, a horrible Instagram from last night of Bank of America Plaza looking more like it once did and as it mostly still will, thank goodness.

Cover photo courtesy of Matt314 via WikiCommons.