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Sky High.

Sky High.

Photographer Jeremy McKane Takes Us on a Bird's-Eye Tour of Dallas.

By Pete on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Back in April, you may recall, we shared with you a test reel from friend of the show Jeremy McKane, wherein the area fashion photographer tried out his latest toy, a camera he'd hooked up to a mini-helicopter and some visual stabilization equipment. That clip showed off the then-new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge from angles not yet seen by most.

Today, however, McKane shares with us, and in turn you, an even more expansive reel -- and he flashes plenty more experience with his mini-helicopter, while he's at it.

His new, incredibly impressive reel, finds McKane taking his contraption across pretty much the entire the city -- and beyond, too, to tropic parts unknown. It's must-watch stuff, for sure -- even the non-helicopter-aided time-lapse footage that fills out the last bit of the reel.

Check it out below, in all of its Neon Indian-scored glory.