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Things To Do on Tuesday, January 21, 2013.

Things To Do on Tuesday, January 21, 2013.

Drop Down And Get Your Metal On.

By H. Drew Blackburn on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Man, there's so much going on tonight. Something for everyone, really.

Are you a metal fan? Well, some metal gods are gracing the stages of the House of Blues and Trees tonight in all of their heavy, bowel-shaking guitar glory. Metal not your thing? Calexico has you covered over at the Granada. Not in the mood for music tonight? Nicole Stewart's Oral Fixation event is around to satisfy your storytelling needs

Point is, this Tuesday has you covered with plenty of things to do.

Underoath at House of Blues
Underoath! Underoath! Your fateful trip is done. Your band has shredded every show, the prize you sought is won. Underoath̢۪s farewell tour takes on Dallas tonight before the band calls it quits in February. This could be a fan's last chance to see the band.

Oral Fixation: Cloud Nine at The Mac
The stories you hear at Oral Fixation are all true experiences from Dallasites. Each show has a theme based on an idiom. Nicole Stewart, the event's curator, helps put together the stories to create an hour-long evening of story time. Tonight the theme is "Cloud Nine," which, aside from tales of happiness, will probably also consist of stories involving drugs and sex. It should definitely be exciting.

Of Mice & Men at Trees
This show will be loud. The bill is stacked with heavy bands Texas In July, Woe Is Me, Volumes and Capture The Crow. The headliners, Of Mice & Men, may try and murder your eardrums like Lenny did to those mice. Out of love, of course.

Calexico at The Granada
Soft and subdued acoustic music doesn't have to be boring and trite. Calexico puts some flavor into this mix with some Latin, mariachi flavor and Tejano fusion. You wouldn't mind getting lost in that, would you?

Dj Trigger Mortis and The Ladies of Assassination City Roller Derby at Lee Harvey's
Things will be groovin' at Lee Harvey's tonight. DJ Trigger Mortis will be playing soul, R&B and rock jams from the '60s, and her teammates from Assassination City Roller Derby will be in attendance, meeting and greeting folks with their 2013 pin-up calendars in hand. Roller derby girls and old school tunes? C'mon, that sounds rad.