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Remembering The Lives Of Flaming Big Tex Costumes, Gangnam Style, Star Wars' Legacy and More.

By Cory on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Each week, dozens of memes, trends and pop culture items die quiet, unceremonious deaths. We'd like to publicly give these dead trends the proper memorials they deserve. Then, we kindly request that we never speak of them again.

Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style, born July 15, 2012, danced his last dance October 25, 2012. Although he was never really fully understood during his brief life, he was universally adored. This contrast never really bothered Gangnam Style all that much, though, as the avid horseback rider never really took himself too seriously. Gangnam Style was preceded in death by his grandfather The Carlton Dance, his parents William Hung and Swag, and an uncle, LMFAO. He is survived by a grandmother, K-Pop, and an aunt Psyduck. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you please go out and buy yourself some more fashionable clothes.

"This Is My Costume" Shirts
"This Is My Costume" Shirts, 18, was lost (in the wash) on October 28, 2012. His only passion in life came from his staunch attempts to react to everything around him dispassionately. Though a few of those close to him found his dry snark occasionally amusing, most weren't all that into him. "This Is My Costume" Shirts was preceded in death by a grandfather, "I <3 NY Shirts," his parents "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Shirts and Fake Tuxedo T-Shirts, an uncle, "My Other Car Is A..." Bumper Stickers, and his cousin, Ironic Christmas Sweaters. He is survived by A General Sense Of Apathy. In lieu of candy, the family asks, "Does anybody really care about this anyway?"

Star Wars' Legacy
Star Wars' Legacy, born on May 25, 1977, joined the dark side on October 30, 2012, when a vulnerable exhaust port leading to the station's main reactor was struck by a well-aimed proton torpedo. Though no one is completely sure, witnesses say the shot was fired by some sort of giant mouse. The wildly popular franchise was no stranger to death threats in his historic life, though. He faced many other attempts on his life previously, The Introduction Of Jar Jar Binks and The Invention Of Ewoks chiefly among them. Star Wars' Legacy was preceded in death by Indiana Jones' Reputation, George Lucas' Innovations, The Die Hard Franchise, and the phrase "Luke I Am Your Father." He is survived by the frozen head of Walt Disney and Your Uncle's Collection Of Mint Condition Unopened Star Wars Figures From The '70s.

Flaming Big Tex Costumes
Flaming Big Tex Costumes, born on October 19, 2012, died a quick death on October 27, 2012. He was a clever sort, always quick with a joke. More often than not, though, most of his jokes just wound up being quotes from popular comedy films. He will be most remembered for that one time he ate a tub full of raw corny dog batter, amazing those in the room who didn't know his secret, that he was born with no taste. Flaming Big Tex Costumes was preceded in death by Honey Boo Boo Costumes, Overdosing Whitney Houston Costumes, 47 Percenter Costumes, Potato Jesus Costumes, Zombie Steve Jobs Costumes and Vampire Weekend At Bernie's Costumes.

Delonte West's Mavericks Career
Delonte West's Mavericks Career, 1, kicked the bucket on October 29, 2012, after a long battle with conduct detrimental to the team. Averaging 9.6 points a game last year, his defensive play from the perimeter will be greatly missed. Delonte West's Mavericks Career was predeced in death by parents Jason Kidd's Mavericks Career and Jason Terry's Mavericks Career and brothers Delonte West Is Sleeping With LeBron's Mom Rumors, Delonte West's House Arrest and Delonte West's Perceived Negative Influence On Younger Players. He is survived by ex-teammates The Acquisition Of Eddy Curry and Dirk's Healing Knee.